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After 2 years looking for the right car I have found it, albeit in Belgium. An expat living in France I needed to change my old Megane and the only car I would buy, I have looked at everything, is the X-Type Estate. Criteria was, no earlier than 2008, 2.2L, Automatic, cream leather interior, one owner, LHD and low mileage. Impossible I thought but I persisted.  At last I found one at a garage on the Belgium / Holland border.

Last week I took the old camper van for a drive and I bought the car. Its fantastic. Not a mark on it and looks just like new, even the engine bay gleams. All the above criteria and 56k miles. It arrived yesterday here in Brittany on the back of a transporter.

I feel like a child with a new toy, can't wait to get it registered here and get on the road.


Looking forward to reading all your posts and maybe contributing

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Welcome to the Jaguar OWNERS CLUB Trevor. Always good to find exactly what you want having high expectations, find that strange converting from a Megane though, not exactly in the same class as a Jaguar X - Type. Living in Brittany do you speak the French Briton or the French Celtic Language similar to Cymraeg?

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