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XJ350 Windscreen


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My car has ripples in the windscreen, obviously a manufacturing problem, this is a windscreen which the previous owner had as a replacement, I have the the receipt with all the details ,date etc, but as its not my name on the receipt, I was told by another windscreen company that the guarantee wouldnt be honoured, any ideas would be appreciated. 

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Hi Richard,


Suggest to the windscreen company who fitted the windscreen that the part when fitted did not meet the requirements laid down by the Sale of Goods Act --  that it was not fit for purpose for which it was sold.



Also tell them that should the matter be put to the small claims court It would be highly likely that a Judge would find in your favour as you have proof that it item in question was legally sold to you with a guarantee, irrespective of whose name was on the receipt.


Tell them that a Judge would look at the fact that the item was fitted to the car and not to the owner of the car.


It might work.





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