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Reversing sensors


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Hi Robert,


I have never done the fitting of sensors but I have heard that it is not difficult.


It you look at the David Manners Group website you might be able to find the part number of the sensor to fit your car.


Then you can go to eBay!





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To ensure your sensor is faulty or which of the sensors are faulty get someone reliable to sit in the drivers seat, turn on the ignition and engage reverse obviously keeping their foot on the brake pedal and an added precaution of having the handbrake fully on listen with your ear to the sensor one at a time. The sensor should make a clicking sound if its OK repeat on all four sensors to determine as to which one or more is the faulty culprit/culprits.

Sensors are wired in a daisy chain and if 1 is faulty then none of the others will work properly.

I cannot comment on the fleabay sensors for sale however, Peter's advise sounds very good to me as it always is therefore, it may be worth following his instructions.

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Well did the test with ignition on but engine not running and found that the second one in on passenger side was silent so will have a look and see if I can rind a replacement

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