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Parts availability forXK8

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This is a general newbie question. Are any parts for the XK8 being reproduced? Is this destined to be one of those cars where we scrounge around salvage yards as the only way to get parts such as cosmetic and interior parts? I also have a Porsche 928 and while I have several vendors for new, used and reproduced parts for Porsche but am having trouble finding any for XK8 cars. Any leads would be appreciated if they exist. Thank you in advance

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Hi Greg, and welcome to the Club.


Try the David Manners Group who supply genuine Jaguar Parts, and also SNG Barrett.


The XK8 is a classic car, and there are a lot of owners [comparatively] whose desire is to keep them on the road.





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You could try britishparts.co.uk


I've used them on a few occasions in the last 8 years or so.


I used to own a late 2004 X100 XKR carbon fibre edition and I now own a 2011 X150 XKR.

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