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DSC System Fault


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Hi guys,


I have a 2006 X-Type 2.2d and I have recently been experiencing some problems.


The car seems to shake when accelarating, especially between 50mph - 70mph. It is not just through the stering wheel and is definately through the entire car. The passenger seat does shake violently.


I have managed with this for a couple of weeks because once I stop accelarating the shaking stops, so once i get to 70mph and put on cruise control I am ok. 


I thought I would ask for advice today because whilst driving to work this morning, a warning light came on which displayed the message 'DSC System Fault'.


I understand that these faults can generally be for a number of reasons and it is very difficult to pin point th problem but if anybody can give me any advice that would be great.


Also, the car has currently done approx 165k miles. Was serviced Sept 2014 and MOT'd March 2015.


If this problem sounds as though it could get expensive then I might be able to convince the wife that it is time for an XF.



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Hi Dean,


I have had vibration before on a Rover Sterling, but I found it was caused through a tyre being badly potholed.


My guess is that there could be something loose underneath the car that is jiggled during acceleration.  


Other than that I can only think of an exhaust problem.


There is a very good Independent Jaguar specialist in Doncaster that is well recommended by members who have been there who could spot the problem.





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Thanks Peter.


Are you referring to 'The Jag Specialist' based in Armthorpe, Doncaster?


I am going in to see him this weekend to look into the shaking/vibration.


The DSC System Fault light came on again this morning so hopefully he can get it sorted.

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Hi guys,


I sent the car to Jaguar for a full diagnostics but rather than fix the problems I have ended up in a position where i need a new car.


They have balanced the wheels which has near enough eliminated the vibrations.

The engine was rattling when idle though so they also looked into that and it turns out that i need an auxiliary belt tensioner kit which costs £234.78 plus £324 labour (+VAT).


Coupled with a long list of other problems such as an Oil leak, corroded brake pipe, deteriated and split hub carrier bushes etc I have decided to get rid. It still annoys me to see car parts that cost £35.70 with labour costs of £324 (+VAT) and another at £13.08 with labour costs of £108 (+VAT). I suppose i cant complain because  cannot do these jobs myself. Even getting the parts and work done from an independant garage would cost too much compared to the cars value.


It is 56 plate with 165k miles so its definately time to upgrade. The £500 i was offered as part-exchange did hurt a bit though so it looks like a provate sale.


Thanks for all of your help though and hopefully i will be posting in the XF forum shortly

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