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Cruise control


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I brought this subject up a while ago. when I was out for a drive I drove gently down a curb. five miles or so later

I got DSC and ABS warning message. I thought no prob just drive gently, brakes worked ok.  as we where on a straight road I thought just try cruise control ( it had never worked while I had it) low and behold it worked.

After having wheel speed monitor changed,  I tried cruise again , didn't work again. What is the connection, any one help me. because now I have had a/c done, that is the last job to do. Ar`nt  I lucky.


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I had the same problem with cruise not working, had an ASL over speed warning and park brake fault flash briefly.

Coincided with driving through a flooded bit of road.

Got no joy from Jaguar and my AA mates diagnostic machine didn't flag anything up.

After about 6 weeks of it not working I had a dsc fault show up and after stopping and restarting the car it disappeared.

Cruise started working fine again too.

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