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Parking assist


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Interestingly mine does that, but luckily only now and again. I find when it does do it, if i go back into park then back into reverse the fault goes away. I haven't investigated it yet because it is intermittent.  My impression is that the constant tone is a warning that the system isn't working for what ever reason.


The control module for the park assist is in the boot, left side under the mat. I would try unplugging all the connectors and plugging them back in to start with. See if that helps.


Whilst under the mat check for damp or water lying on the floor, S types are a bit prone for that and water and electronics don't mix!

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Also my understanding is if it is a sensor and you put your ear up against whilst car is in reverse you should hear a ticking sound coming from it. Don't know if this is true as i haven't tried that myself. (Perhaps best not to have the engine running to check this, just the ignition!)  :)

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