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Reflashed Gearbox


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While out yesterday i started to get the 'Lurch' symptoms as i had experienced on my previous s type,but this time not as bad but i thought i would sort it before it got worse.

So i plugged in my Mongoose and carried the reflash which takes around 30 mins.

I didn't have time to road test and put it through its learning mode only a quick drive around the block.

I hope to give it a road test today.

When carrying out this reset its a bit daunting seeing all the flashing warning lights and your gauges resetting but i knew what to expect this time.

I am still disappointed with Jaguar on such a major component that this problem occurs.

Graham :rolleyes:

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ohh we live and learn, came close to buying a stype but seen the xk that was it love at first sight. dealer has my xk for sale in Edinburgh for 20k.  giving it years warranty, its a very well look after car ,was polished every week cracking buy. goo on graham your only here once atb charlie

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hope you can hold on to it and fix it up graham. they are nice cars, and  I know what like it is to be nearly skint mate, I might kid the old  tight gits on this site from time to time about that, but I don't forget wer I came from, my father wast a smoker or gambler nor a drinker just a postman, my mother was a cleaner had 2 kids me and my sister she was clever whent to uni works for the gov for 30 years due to retire as an accountant will get a good pension. me on the other hand had served my time in the building trade once my time was out I whent into partnership with a guy I used to work with buy this time I am married to wife no1(a nurse from a well off family 2 kids later and after suffering years of hardship she kicked me out. took the house the kids the lot, it took me 10 years to get myself toghether and start again. met a beautiful lady whom became wife no2 (wish I had met her in the first place I would have more than sugar lol) set up my own again with a good like mineded guy like me and we ended up in partnership jointly owning a small building co after 20 years a good small business employing 35 workers , he took ill and my wife done the same not long after, we sold the business and have now retired, hence affording to buy good Jaguar cars. life can be good but also hard

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forgot to add my dad had many good cars rovers ect could only afford them as he had no bad habits he all ways wanted a jag it was his dream car

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