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retrofit servotronic/electric assist steering


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I no the 2.5l and 3.0l x types have the electric assist on the steering rack.. I have just fit a steering rack off a 3.0l on to my 2.0d . can I retrofit the wiring for servotronic as the replacement rack came with the servo and part of the wiring.

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sorry Adam i cant help

                                   but someone will be along shortly i hope with the answer you need as a lot of members are not around at w/ends Plus this w/end there was a lot of big Jaguar shows/events going on



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According to the wiring diagram it's a blue and a red wire.


Connection IP11 pin 23 blue

Connection IP11 pin 25 red


IP11 is on the left hand side of the instrument cluster when looking from the back


Will try to up load a diagram


The wiring diagram is from an 04 but the pin outs look the same.


I'll do a bit more digging.

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I have found the wiring diagram and to were it connect to the cluster... this doesn't seem right I was lead to belive it goes through a relay and the control module in the drivers side kick panel. can some one confirm this ? or if I wire it straight in to the cluster will it work?

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