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xj40 rear stop light bulb blowing constantly, caravan light on dash all the time!


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Hi there. I am new to all of this forum stuff and I am hoping that someone might be able to help.


I have recently brought a 1991 xj40 4 lt sovereign which has few minor issues.... I hope?!


Firstly, my nearside rear stop light Bulb blows the moment you press the pedal and melts the stem on one side? the light cluster looks almost like new, so i doubt it could be the problem. could it be a bad earth or a power spike?


Secondly, my car is fitted with a Jag towbar form new, and the warning light on the dash is on all the time? Is this normal? or is it all linked?


My handbrake light is also on most of time even when the handbrake is fully depressed, it goes off now and again?


Not sure if these are all related, but any help would be very welcomed. Thanks

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Welcome to the club, Roger.


I am not an electrical expert, but I do think that it could be a bad earth -- common problem.


I used to tow a caravan with a Rover Sterling [amongst others].  I think the caravan light coming on and staying on leads me to believe that the sensor thinks the caravan is hitched up.  If you can locate the sensor you will find the root of the problem.


Sometimes I am tempted to get my lump hammer out of the shed and .......





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Rather than believing it is an earth problem Roger and welcome to THE Jaguar OWNERS CLUB I would lean more so to a direct short from the information you have supplied. I would check the continuity if you have a meter between the live and the light clusters earthing arrangement.

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