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Parking sensors

2.7 Kim

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Hi guys my parking sensors don't work ( not that I need them but hubby might :) ) the module is in the boot but not sure if someone has removed the fuse.....any help appreciated


Kim x

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Do they do anything at all Kim?


With reverse gear selected, place your ear close to each sensor in turn and see if you can hear a faint buzzing noise.


Just a thought... you haven't got them disabled at the overhead console switch?

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The only fuse I can find would be fuse 29, a 5A fuse in the passenger compartment fuse box.


That fuse, however, also has links to voice control and the Front Electronics Module.


Worth an initial check though.

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Just standing behind the vehicle won't be close enough to here them working, you have to put your ear on each one to hear a rapid clicking noise if they are working, better still get one of those cheap mechanic stethoscope and listen to each one.

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