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New Jag Owner & New to the Forum


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Good Morning All


I just wanted to introduce myself having just become a Jaguar owner (for the first time) and, of course, being new to the forum.


Im Kerry. Im from Nottingham, and I took delivery of my 2015 Jaguar XF S 3.0D Portfolio last Saturday. Since then its been to South Wales and North Devon. It is a superb vehicle. It drives beautifully and is so so smooth. Not at all like previous diesel 'buses' I have experienced. I am very very  VERY happy with this beautifl peice of engineering.. 


Previously I drove a Lexus GS 250 F Sport (which tbh was also a very nice vehicle). 


Given your experiences, are there any points I should be careful of, or keep an eye out for? Having already been regailed twice with stories if steering locks coming on at 70mph (which is a very scary thought, let alone experience), I thought I would ask and seperate fact from fiction so to speak.


I look forward to talking to you, and thanks ibn advance




PS Its black before anyone asks :)   

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Welcome to the Club, Kerry.


Members have cars from the E Type to the F Type, an I think there will be a few XEs coming into membership soon.


They have one thing in common  ----   they love the Jaguar Experience.


Carry on enjoying!





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