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jaguar s type trim/model i. d

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hi to everyone, 

my name is simon, iam 35. my current car is a 99 s type and is my third jaguar.

my first was a 91 xj6, second was an x type 3.0 sport 4x4.

i have only just got my current jag and iam a bit puzzled as to what trim it is. logbook just says s type v8, i have all the paper work from brand new and even this doesnt say.

i will attempt to describe my car, pics to follow.

it is a 99, it has 18'' jaguar wheels with bigger tyres on the back than the front. the front grill is the same colour as the car and dosnt have hardly any chrome on the car.

also the rear tail pipes look bigger than on any other s type.

the car has green brake calipers all round, these look like they were painted from the factory.

the suspension is also green?

inside, the car has full black leather with black dash and a funny coloured wood trim.

the car is fully loaded with lots of toys but doesnt have the voice control option.

did jaguar make an s type sport?

many thanks

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Hi Simon and welcome to the club.


Jaguar did indeed make an s type sport, and that included the V8.


How you have described the car indicated that it is a Sport R.  I am assuming that your car has the 4 or 4.2 litre V8 engine, which would make it a rather quick car.





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hi peter, thanks for the response. 

the car also has green r badges on it but i assumed these were added by the last owner. 

and you are correct it is a 4.0 v8, 280bhp. i wonder why the logbook just says jaguar v8 and not jaguar s type v8 SPORT and why it isnt in the cars documentation. thanks again

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