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Been trying to fit a cdc so I've been disconnecting and connecting the fibre optic cable..now my phone works and my sat nav works but there's no voice command on the sat nav...and when I do a check the screen reads "main 2.000" which I am lead to understand is my fibre optic cable. ..any help would be appreciated thanks

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I've fitted a cdc ( first one was faulty ). Now the phone works the cdc works and the sat nav works but still no voice command. ..and I'm still getting main 2.0000 when I press (eject &am/fm then eject & mix) ..

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Sorry for the apparent delay Gary. I did post up the D2B sequence but for some reason the post has vanished. Maybe I didn't click on "Post" - I'll make sure this time :lol:


The sequence is:-


Audio Head Unit

CD Autochanger

Telephone Module

Voice Module

Navigation / DVD Module

Premium sound Power Amplifier

Then back to the Audio Head Unit



I've heard that the order isn't critical but also heard that it is critical so I've always used it and never had a problem.


Hope this helps.

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