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S type 1999 3.0 v6 auto central locking fault

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Hi, and thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I recently bought an s type and have a fault with the central locking. When I turn the car off and jump out I press then fob to lock it, it locks then immediately unlocks. But if I walk round to the passenger door then open and shut it, the central locking works properly.

Has anybody had any experience with this and have a solution.

Many thanks

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Hi Gary


I have a X Type and I had a problem similar to yours but mine was the drivers door .??


I think the S Type is the same and has a small locking  lever next to the inside door handle

well it was sticking ---So to cure it I was told to------


Key in and ignition and on -drop the window --[the passengers side in your case]--and then

work the small lever a few times so it frees off ----Switch the ignition off and try the locks

if that cures it a small amount of WD-40 in the lock could be the answer ..?????


I hope this helps



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I don't know about jamming a peace of wood in because you could break it ???

Like I said stand out side the closed door with the window down reach through

and move the small lever in and out with a little WD-40 ???



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