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Hi, I'm Sid and this is my first Jag. A 2003 X Type, 2.5 SE auto. Lovely metallic green in colour, racing green I believe, picked it up 2 days ago. Not looking to do much to it apart from changing from 16" to 18" wheels. Love it's looks and the V6 noise :) Nice to meet you.



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Welcome to the Club, Sid,


The X type is a great car to drive, and the the bigger wheels look great on it, but more expensive when you come to put tyres on them.  I had 17" wheels on my X type and they could be the best bet on the AWD model.





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Hi Sid,


I am not an engineer, but I do believe that drivers of performance cars, should not move too far away from essential parts of the design of their car as it left the factory.


The specification for the x type AWD, which I checked up on when I had one, was 16" and 17" wheels, although I was reliable informed that 18" wheels would fit perfectly well.


I am also reliably informed that you get a more comfortable ride on 16" wheels rather than 18" wheels.


My S type 2.7D, which is a much heavier car that the x type AWD petrol, has 18" wheels which is the mid point between the wheels specified by Jaguar of 17" 18" and 19" wheels.  With that in mind, I think that 17" wheels are ideal for the AWD x type.


My Rover Sterling 2.5 litre automatic was a slightly lighter car than the x type ran on 15" wheels and fave a very comfortable ride over the 11 years I had it.  But it was not a performance car, and rather good for passengers.


I would be inclined to keep the 16" wheels on through the winter and see how they perform on the road on a car that holds the road extremely well.


Trying something out is often a bit better than investing in something that might not work as well.





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