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instrument cluster

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Hi all, ever since I purchased my cat last year I have been plagued by a faulty rev counter, it has a mind of it's own and only works now and again, I have to constantly reset it on the Test feature but it doesn't last long. The battery is showing 11.8 volts with engine off and 14 volts when running, so could it be a sticky needle or a fuse/wiring problem?

If I have to replace the whole cluster do I have to get a replacement specific to my model or will anyone do?

I even resorted to blanking out the rev counter display so I couldn't see it because it is right in your line of sight! then I realised of course I wouldn't be able to see the warning lights!!

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hi stuart if memory is right I remember reading somwer that if a battery reaches 11.5 or below then its done (stand to be corrected) so it sems that ither your needing a new one or put it on charge over nite that could be your problem or a fuse ect sorry not much help but atb joe

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Hi Stuart,


I don't think that it is a battery problem, as if your battery is failing less essential electrical parts of the car are reminded by the ECU to conserve their energy for the more important things.


Thing like the radio, heated rear window,and front electrical heating units, and similar will fail first.


It could be a dodgy fuse, which you can easily check out, or a sticky needle.


At a guess, I would think that you could get a replacement tachometer, but Bertieboy is the man for great advice on bits like that.





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