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Doors won't lock

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I have a 2007 Jaguar X type estate and just got home to find that the doors won't lock.

The warning light on the dash indicates that all doors are open, yet I've been around all the doors to check and they are all shut tight.

When I use the key fob to lock the car the alarm goes off..


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Hi Mark I think you will find that one of the inside door locks isnt returning

after its used ---could be any of the doors .???

I mean the small lever thats next to the inside door handles and you have

move it again with use????

They do tend to get sticky if not used much.



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its a door sensor, the bonnet has one as well so could be on the way out if so it will happen again, both the bonet sensor and the door sensors are located on the passangers front door also the bonnet passenger side at front next to hedlamp unit well they are on the xj

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