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mk10 / 420G Restoration Project

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Hi guys, my first post on here but hoping to share and maybe get some hints and tips on a restoration project we are starting on a 1967 420G (mk10) Jaguar. Much of the bodywork has already been restored, just needs painting. The interior is pretty much all complete, just needs a good leather feed and the wood sorting out, but its all there.


Enginewise its a runner on the original 4.2 straight 6, but my longer term plan is to run it on a 4.0 V8 from a more modern S type. Has anyone done one of these block swaps before? I couldnt find anything on my searches, only people in America putting small block chevy's in them. But I want to keep it all Jag.


The idea will be a resto-mod, with original interior and a clean and classy exterior but running a more modern running gear.


Also need to to decide on a paint colour and wheels. Nothing too modern, but something abit more 'muscley' than the original skinny 14s!


Its only my second classic car, and my first Jaguar but Ive always liked the mk10's for their size, curves and rarity. 


Here is a pic of when we picked it up, will update as and when we get jobs done or stuck! It will mainly be a winter project as my work goes quiet then so can lock myself in the workshop and with help from some good friends, hopefully get a good way on it.



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Hi Nick

Welcome to the Club you will find it a very freindly club and I am sure there will be a lot of interest

into your work on the fantastic looking MK10 it really sounds like a lot of work and dedication to the

job at hand and I wish you all the best with it so please keep us up to date with photo's etc



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