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Just returned from holiday

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The first long trip I've had in The Princess since we had her.


200+ miles in each direction Wolverhampton to South Devon.


What a delight that was. She performed faultlessly and was such a relaxing drive that I got out of the driver's seat feeling as though I'd only driven 2 miles rather than 200+


At one point I have to shamefacedly admit that I inadvertently exceeded the speed limit somewhat during a spirited overtake. So much so that I thought the speedo needle must have fallen off, expecting it to be at or about 85 to 90 mph based upon the smoothness of ride and muted wind noise and not being there, found it somewhat further around the dial at 125 mph. Not a boy racer, you can imagine that I quickly rectified this offending behaviour, now fully aware of what this car can do. 


The long trip also allowed me to fine tune the sixteen way adjustable seat to a peak of comfort and support. The Princess has the standard audio system (at the moment, but that is due to change) rather than the premium setup but this proved perfectly adequate and allowed for full enjoyment of Mozart and Handel from the iPod thingy.


She was in "S" mode all the time and still managed to return a creditable 40+ mpg overall for the round trip, including a good hour or so in the dreadful stop / start traffic on the A380. Next time it'll be the coast road via Shaldon, Babbacombe, Torquay and Paignton, the route we used, in reverse, on our way home, with perfectly free-flowing traffic, even through Preston.


This is the car for me now for the foreseeable future I think :D


Even more so as SWMBO has given it the official seal of approval :D

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