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The VW Software Scandal.

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While not directly concerned with Jaguar, there could be a general effect on emissions testing across Europe.  The EU have been more than proactive in controlling emissions on all cars, and to that end,  have insisted the manufacturers use various devices, EGR Valves [some Petrol Engines will also have these] and Diesel Particulate Filters.


Some drivers, including some members, have blanked these off, either fully or partially, and in respect  go the DFP have removed them entirely. 


Removing the DPF is [from early 2014] an automatic MOT failure, but as the check is purely a visual one, many drivers who have removed them have got away with it.


With VW having devised software that will switch on when a car is being tested to falsify emission readings, and then switch off when the car is on the road, I ask the question "What will the EU do to stop drivers avoiding regulations?"


My guess is that they will change the visual inspection of the DPF to a check to actually see it  is still there----at a cost to the motorist.


The EU will certainly do something, whatever it is!



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on the bbc news, Britain to launch its own emission tests as well as the eu, there is lots more of this to come, peter I read on msn web page that ither ther is or is going to be a charge for diesel cars entering Birmingham 

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Hi Joe,


There was a report that several major cities ought to think about banning diesel vehicles from the city centre - Birmingham included. There will be a problem with buses and taxis as well as delivery vans.


It is no problem for me as I live close to the Staffordshire Border and Lichfield is nearer than Birmingham.  Add to that it takes an hour to drive into the City centre and parking is a nightmare.  I have not driven into Birmingham for years as the Local cross city line is an easy walk to the station, and with my travel pass I go free. And trains are every 15 minutes and it only takes 18 minutes to get to your new station - Grand Central Station, formerly New St.



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