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correct engine oil ?

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hi guys, I'm a little confused about which is the correct engine oil to use in my 1997 xk8.

jaguar recommended 10/40 semi but every independent jaguar specialist seems to go for 5/30 semi

they say that 10/40 is too heavy for the engine and would take a long time to get to working temperature.

the car has no history of what oil has been used and its done 109,600 miles.

I don't intend to cover large mileage in the car and hope some of you can recommend which type to safely use

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hi peter, I doubt 5/30 was around when my xk8 was manufactured but as we all know as with time progress

goes on. ive spoken to several independent jaguar specialists who say that 10/40 is too thick for the engine though its what jaguar recommend 

and 5/30 semi would be better , ill use there choice as long as theres no detriment to the engine that my main querry .

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