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Good Evening All,

After lurking on various forums for a while, I have decided to join your form & would just like to say "Hi"

I own a Platinum Silver 2003 STR (98,000 miles), with Dove Grey / Bird-Eye Maple Interior, which I have had for just over a year.

In my time of ownership, I have had the Gearbox Oil changed (megaflush), changed the Supercharger oil (twice!), fitted a 10% Supercharger Pulley Upgrade, renewed the dreaded Valley Pipe, had the DCHV changed, renewed the Header Tank, had "AlloyGators" fitted (the wheels are 13 years old & never been kerbed - I do not want to be the first one!), fitted a 12v & USB aux power in the boot. I am also about to change the differential oil.......

The rest of the car is pristine with just 1 owner before me & FSH.

When the car has been on the road, it is great fun!

My wife & I are going to drive from Bristol to Lake Garda at the end of March.

Any tips will be appreciated.


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Welcome to the club, Richard.

You have a great car in the S Type which I think is a future classic, and you are doing everything to ensure that.

I have Dove Grey and Maple interior too  ---   and it looks great.

Tips  --  I think you know more than me!

I would set off at the end of March with a nice shiny car and show the French, and Italians that we make better cars than they do!



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Hello Richard

You’ll know already that there’s a long drive ahead of you. This country (France) is big and the road system can make for a very pleasant trip, especially behind the wheel of your car.

My only advice would be to allow plenty of time through France, (Switzerland?) and Italy, whichever route you choose we would take three or four days - at least. The toll routes are fast (very expensive) and so boring you can get fed up being in a car, whatever it is. Through France your own driving will come into its own using the D and even C roads where there's so much to see and do en-route that almost every minute can be fulfilling.

I hope you and your wife have a great time.  


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