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Switched feed in the boot


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Hi guys...
Anyone know the colour of a switched feed in the boot , I have the sovereign with the sat nav and multi changer and I need a switched live feed for my DAB converter ,any ideas ....
There are so many wires going into the sat/changer just not to sure where to tap into .....

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You should have a connector fastened to the rear of the car behind the carpet near the rear lights. 3 connectors Positive, Negative and switched Positive. I think you may need to fit another relay into the passenger side fuse box to make the switched live active. Relay 2

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Quality-Micro-Relay-12V-25-Amp-4-Pin-Normally-Open-EU-Manufactured-/141337991785?hash=item20e8669a69:g:eTYAAOSwwNVTtUQz off ebay


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