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looking to buy an xkr 175


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Hi: I'm new to this  forum.  I'd like to buy an xkr 175 here in the states....but I'd like to learn about any problems/costs other than usual and customary maintenance costs..... Just to know what I'm getting into.  does anyone know about any problems.... or will the automobile break down or be nearly as dependable as my Lexus sc430.  Thank you in advance. mark.

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Hi Mark, and welcome to the club.

The XKR is a very nice car, and there are quite a few owners in the club who will share their experiences with you.

I don't know about maintenance costs in the USA but in the UK there is quite a bit of competition in that market - plus a lot of expertise here in the Club.

Let us know how you get on.



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Hi Mark,

My first XK was a 4.2 litre X150 2007. I recently traded it in for a 5.0 litre XKR. I used the first one as my daily drive doing around 22,000 miles a year. It had 110,000 miles on the clock when I traded. In that time I only had one small problem other than routine maintenance.

The main trick to keeping costs down is to find an independent shop that specialises in Jags - the main dealer will really make your eyes water.

Good luck with finding an XKR 175 - they are pretty difficult to find - anywhere but one thing I'm sure of - you will not regret buying one.

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