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Keys / Fobs & Door mirror indicators


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Hi Team!

Just got my first jag and very happy in the 2 days i have owned it,

Purchased a second hand one in good order, just a couple of niggling bits i am looking to sort.

First up is the key fobs, one works with the remote but buttons very spongy and feels poor in the hand. Second key remote did not work, replaced battery and tried to re programme as i have seen on youtube, four times etc but did not work.

So looking at going to the dealer and order a new one. Anybody know the price for this? or a good garage in Sussex that can help?

Second issue is the indicator on passenger door mirror is cracked. is this easy to replace or best off taking to a garage?


Thanks for your help in advance!

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Welcome to the club, Tim.

Key fobs seem to crop up from time for time.  Going back to the dealer from whom you bought it is the first port of call you should make.  If unsuccessful, there are quite a few auto electricians/locksmiths around who will do the job cheaper than a main dealer.

There is also a topic on the Jaguar Owners Lounge which lists independent Jaguar specialists and recommended garages.

On the question of the door mirror indicator have a look at the David Manners Group who will possible stock or source a new one, or look for a car breaker --  there are a few who specialise in Jaguar parts. You could also look at eBay and see what they throw up.



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