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Powerfold retro-fit


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Another ridiculously easy retro-fit :yes:


Thanks to Denis for letting me experiment with his cars today.


So, to retro-fit powerfolding mirrors all you need are a pair of mirrors and the door control module located in the driver's door. The switchpack isn't required, being common to all cars.

NO additional wiring is needed. How simple is that?

The door control modules are common to all cars, whether powerfolding or not and will be programmed accordingly. I assume there is a section of the SDD which will achieve this programming but I don't yet know enough about it. Still, by the time you've setup SDD, you could have swapped the door control module over :yes:

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Something I hadn't thought about. Until we can work out how to program the door module, you'll need the ignition key(s) from the donor car as well. Denis found that out yesterday when he went to lock his black S-Type and the blue S-Type locked... and vice versa.

Oooops. I REALLY do need to become familiar with the Jaguar SDD software.

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