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New Member at the end of his wits


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Hi All,

New member to the forum with an issue I hope that some kind sole on here can help me cure. I've had my S Type V6 Sport for about 6 months now an I'm over the moon with it until about a month ago, the cars done 65000 miles and drives like a dream WHEN IT STARTS. Every now and then out the blue you put the key into the ignition and the car wont crank and a message appears on the dash saying the steering column is locked.After locking and unlocking and taking the key in and out of the ignition it eventually started. The last week or so its became more frequent to the extent I've had to leave the car for several hours before it will start. I've had it to a garage where its been plugged in and checked for faults but none were listed,but the car started each time of asking at the garage. There was a new battery installed when I got the car, changed battery in both keys to no avale. Has anyone had the same sort of symptoms or can possible point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance

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