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Spare wheel 2003 s type 200 sport


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Just fallen foul of a blowout which required me putting on space saver, thing is it didnt fit. Tyre was marked up s type 2002 but although holes went over studs there wasnt the offset to get wheel over calliper. Do I need a different size/ type of spare wheel as i have put out feelers to local scrapyards, trolled eBay etc etc and have had no luck. Muddlement has really set in now so if anyone can shed some light i would be grateful.

2003 s type 3.0 v6 petrol 200 sport currently fitted with zito 19" alloys tyre size 235-35-zr19


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Not sure about this as wheels already on car when i bought it. Ive put pads on front and they were off the shelf so thought that might mean callipers were standard. Thought it would be easier to find out if 200 sport had uprated brakes but im now clueless lol

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Does look like there standard callipers then. Perhaps you could post a picture of the disks and callipers on here and someone with more knowledge than me could tell you for sure. At the least you could rule that out. 

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