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First Jaguar


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Hi all,

Have just purchased my first Jaguar,an Xtype 2.0D. It's a real dream come true for me.totally smitten with it,never thought I would get to own one.

I just have to find the best insurance quote now,it seems to be hovering in the 450.00 to 1000 mark,loads of price variations.really shocked by some of the quotes so far.Any suggestions would be most welcome.



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Welcome to the Club, Gareth.

After my first Jaguar was stolen and my insurance was pushed up by over £200,  I did what Jim has suggested and eventually found a company recommended by another member which gave a lot of options, including a 12.5% reduction for having a Nextbase Dashcam. Under £500 in spite of Birmingham being one of those areas where premiums are higher.



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8 hours ago, JimC64 said:

Hi Gareth, you don't give your age, details of NCD etc etc but.....

I'd suggest getting on the comparison websites and playing around a little, even subtle differences in job title, miles travelled per year, your post code and whether you're married / single and or have someone else on the policy ALL make subtle differences in pricing, some not so subtle

Obviously your choice of excess also makes a difference

Have a play around and see what works best for you and go from there

Hi Jim.

53 years young and have full NCD.

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