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Parking brake fault


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Hey everybody, have a quick question. I have parked my 05 jaguar Stype for the last three Minnesota winters. I have had no problems till now. I went to take the car out but I am getting a parking brake fault message and the brake will not disengage now. How do I fix this

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Hi John, and welcome to the club.

Paul [Raislin] has posted a very useful document on this subject and if you can find it I would print it off and keep it wth your handbook.

I have this problem now and then and it does not take long to fix.

First, make sure that you have the radio code the disconnect the battery for a short time making sure the ignition is turned off and you have your key in your pocket.

Reconnect the battery --  your will hear the alarm go off which you will switch off and then get into the car and depress the footbrake and the parking brake. This will free the brake.

You will then put in the radio code, and reset your radio channels.  With your engine running  on tickover,  reset you windows, each one individually,  and while your engine is running reset your clock, and sound volume preferences.

I had to do this on Wednesday!




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