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Hi everyone

Mel Walters

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Hello to you all,have been a Bike enthusiast for most of my life but always had a passion for the Older jags,

so as the Bike days are over I decided on an S class this being the newest older looking Model,also driven by the fact when the S class arrived an old

Boss Had one that I  used from time to time,at this promised my self one day I am going to have one.and here we are with a 2005 2.7 Diesel.

So like all good Girls  she is already proving who is Boss and demanding some TLC, duty bound I am about to embark on emptying the wallet already and it is 

those demands that brought me to your gathering,for which I feel already in debt to your good self's with relation to the SERVO issue that has developed and

having been able to view a lot of your your posts in relation to this subject.

So I felt at the very least that I could do at this time, was join the ranks and hopefully at some point become a worthy contributor  in the future.

So thanks for now folks. 

Best regards to you all


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Hi Mel and welcome to the Club.

You have made a good choice in the S Type  --  I fell in love with the style of the car when the mechanic I used to repair my bikes was restoring a Mk 1 in 1963.

I think you will find that the members are a very friendly bunch of people from all walks of life who enjoy their cars, and will assist others to do so too.



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Hi  Peter and Thank you for your welcome, I'm sure your correct, but I think she is already seeking retribution for my deserting her for three months having not long purchased her.

One Brake Booster on its way From Berkshire Jag. who I have to say was an out standing Gentleman to say the least,Considering I am North of Birmingham they will be my first port of call for any Future requirements. Very impressed.

Also Dropped on a local Garage and trying them out for the first time Tomorrow so hopefully the Jag will be appreciative of my efforts and be appeased for my failings.

I look forward to my new Membership and getting to know folks and assisting where I can.

 Thanks Again Peter



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