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S type Diesel fuel cooler leak


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Hello there,

I'm just coming up to a year of ownership, and finding more about the S type. She's been a bit of a mare, but not as bad as some have experienced.I guess.

Firstly I had the exhaust flexi joints done,then injector seals on one bank, both to cure the exhaust smell in the cabin & and oil leak. Just over that & a non start issue, turns out a bodge fix by a previous owner who had araldited the crank sensor in place which eventually came adrfit.

The latest as the title says is fuel cooler related.After spending a few quid sorting out the smell of exhaust I noticed it creeping back, but also a small patch of oil was left everywhere I parked. So after a look, I found the guilty part. I had'nt a clue as to what it was but the diesel is cooled by a flat panel under the passenger side (UK) front seat, fitted to the exterior in a gap in the undershield. This had sprung a leak, a weaping around a joint. The seeping diesel collected a lot of road debris so a mucky job. Now I have had to effect attempt repair, I have removed the cooler panel & fitted a fuel pipe link to the in & out pipes. As this is the low pressure side jubilee clips were used to secure.

The history appears to be a broken wheel arch liner on the passenger side allowing debris to collect/damage the cooler or I may have bottomed out on a speed bump or is it a common problem?

So anyone else suffered this, is the cooler a real requirement in our temperate GB climate.

To finish on a positive she passed her MOT with only one advisory for a bush, so not all bad!

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Hi Martin,

After all the hard work, you can start enjoying you s type.

The s type is quite a low car and speed bumps have to be carefully negotiated, as some are quite vicious.



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