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Hi all, I'm new to jag, this is my first s type jag, I've had bmw's, Ford's, rovers, so I thought I'd try BRITISH and bought a s type 2.5v6 sport. I took a gamble when I bought this car because it had a engine management light on, the engine sounded strong, and gambled that a lamber sensor had gone, phew I was right, bank 1 upper sensor, phew!! 

A bit about me, I'm 45 and married to my best friend olga, I have two daughters ksenia 12 and lilia10. We live in coventry in the west Midlands. When I left school I went into the motor trade as a panel beater/paint sprayer, I've been a welder for the past 25 years. During that time I've restored mini's, mk1escorts, mk1 fiesta's, now I'm restoring my 52plate jag, 

Once again hope to see you at a few shows and meets. Cheers ian

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Welcome to the Club, Ian.

The s type is a nice car and you won't regret buying it.  Being in the Motor Trade you experience will benefit the Members of the Club.

There are quite a few members in the West Midlands and hopefully there will be a meet later in the year to follow the one we had in September at the Classic car museum at Gaydon,




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