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phone/ bluetooth install


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hopefully some one can help as i am going blind with all the pages i have looked at on the web🙈.

i have just retro fitted a phone and bluetooth models to my s type. it originally came with sat nav and voice and pre wired for everything else.

i initialy installed the phone and bluetooth modules and had a message on the screen saying phone in use hang up, after a bit of surfing i found that i had to do some re-wiring, sorted no message phone book downloaded and can make calls. 

This is where i am stuck, i can hear the other person but they cant hear me. by what i can find on the web this has been discussed on loads of sites but it is always with people retro fitting with no voice and then cutting/joining wires.

i have the built in microphone in the roof not the external mic. voice works no problem.

can any one help as i am really struggling.image.thumb.jpeg.b743965aeed26e3153a08e2

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Hi Derek,

I take it you have fitted a phone module with fibre optic links

you fitted the bluetooth module and swapped the wires around in the bluetooth module socket to get it working

and you have got your phone paired to it

if you have your phone paired and receiving incoming calls your phone module is working correct and the fibre optic is correct

just out of curiosity whats the part number on the phone module

most people fit the later external mic as the sound quality is much better, but it still should work with the voice mic



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hi joe, everything you have said is bang on. phone has conected makes and recieves calls and has downloaded my phone book.

just no sound at the other persons end. i agree about the external mic ie lots of people using it instead of the built in but i also read there was no need to fit it if i had the voice mic as shown in my photo.

part number are

phone: 2w93-19k350-ad

bluetooth: 3w83-14b409-ae



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Have you tried disconnecting the battery, make sure you have the code for the touch screen

check that there is no mute activated on the touch screen or phone

if not are you sure all the connections are right in the bluetooth socket

think i have a drawing so you can just double check them



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have not tried disconnecting the battery and i dont know what the code is for the sat nav.

pritty sure i have all the connections write as i found all the liks on line and they made sense.

no numbers on the bluetooth end connection but went by the numbers on the actual bluetooth module.

all tied in with what i found on line 

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your phone module to the bluetooth socket has to be wired like this


pin 1 on phone module goes to pin 3 on bluetooth module

pin 26 on phone module goes to pin 2 on bluetooth module

pin 2 on phone module goes to pin 8 on bluetooth module

pin 3 on phone module goes to pin 9 on bluetooth module

pin 6 on phone module goes to pin 1 on bluetooth module

pin 10 on phone module goes to pin 7 on bluetooth module

pin 22 on phone module goes to pin 6 on bluetooth module

pin 20 on phone module goes to pin 5 on bluetooth module

with pins 4 and 10 free on the bluetooth module

if you look on the plugs there are numbers on them, quite small numbers



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that should work then

the only thing i can say is it may need the battery disconnecting to reset it all

when you disconnect the battery the car searches for new modules and seems to reset them

there is a batter reset procedure on here where you can activate the touch screen after a battery reset without a code

Battery reset.pdf

it might be worth asking Paul "Raistlin" he has a very good knowledge of retro fitting phone and bluetooth, on the s-types



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You need to buy the voice hardware module that also fits into the boot, once installed everything works great, it’s called the voice activation control module



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