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Parts numbers / recommended suppliers reqired please.

David Martin

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Well after a few hours spent on my partner's 2003 X Type saloon  recently I feel we are making progress!

The rather smelly cabin is much sweeter after using an air conditioning cleaner, the broken drivers side mirror has been replaced, headlamp performance is markedly improved after polishing the lens and fitting Osram Night breaker bulbs and I have also re-instated remote central locking / unlocking by simply buying a used remote from eBay for £12.50, swopping the key and immobiliser and re-synchronising it to the car.

The remaining irritation is the boot lid, the gas struts will only support it when fully lifted and it is quite a heavy panel. Would anyone have the part numbers and / or recommend a place to buy good quality replacements?

Thanks in advance.



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Many thanks for the very quick and helpful response!

Yes the cabin filter was replaced, after a brief struggle with the wiper arms! A little penetrating spray and a puller sorted those out. I also found SGS when searching, as you say, measure the originals and order same!

I cannot find any record of a spark plug change in the car's records, is this an easy DIY job or one best left to a garage? I assume only 6 plugs? ( My MB V6 has 12!)

Forgive the rather dim question;, are all 2.5l X Types (and 3.0 l) 4 wheel drive? There are no badges on the car saying so.



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