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Buying a XJ8 good or bad ?


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Hello All. I am knew to this forum so I hope you dont mind me asking a few questions, I hope this is the correcct place to post my question . I have owned several jags over the years and currently own a 2003 S type which I am very happy with. I have been pondering for sometime buying a XJ8, not as a replacement for the S type though it wont be an everyday driver. I was hoping someone could give me a little advice on these models before i take the plunge.

I have read a few horror stories about the Nikasil liners fitted to some of these V8`s, so my first question is if I bought one that had these liners is it all doom and gloom are they all destined for failure? I presume the only way you can tell is by engine number and not vin number. Also the timing chain tensioners how many miles can you expect to get out of them before they fail and is there an upgrade to the standard ones.  I have also read there was an issue with the throttle body too can anyone shed any light on this for me please. As this is going to be a second car my budget probably wont stretch to a perfect vehicle with full service history so there are going to be jobs that need doing. I am handy with my welder as I have owned Land Rovers too over the years

I am willing to tackle any job I can on it  and have rebuilt engines before etc so with this in mind how difficult would it be to do the timing chains and tensioners do i need any special tools.

Sorry for all the questions, but any advice will be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance 


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Hi Neil, and welcome to the club.

I am no mechanical expert and currently drive an S Type, which I think is a future classic.

There are quite a few members who own the XJ Model who will give advice from their experience.



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Thanks guys for the replies so far and the info , Much appreciated. I am probably looking at something around 2000 to 2003  model year with the budget available , so I presume that puts me in the nikasil territory. Its going to be a bit of a project vehicle for me as its a second car but would obviously like to get the best I can for the money.

Thanks again for the info Jim.

Cheers Neil


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