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Upper radiator hose?


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I wonder if someone could help.

I have a 2003 2.5 V6 S Type.

I was driving and noticed the temperature gauge go from 50% to 100% very quickly; before I could pull over, there was a judder and the car's cabin filled with white steam. Steam was pouring from under the bonnet and from the exhaust too. I pulled over and turned the engine off. I opened the bonnet and the engine was coated in liquid. The coolant tank was empty and the road was also covered in some sort of liquid. 

The only problem I can see is that a plastic 'valve' has burst (I attach pictures of it) and coolant has sprayed everywhere. I'm not a mechanic but I think I need to replace this part. Do you know the 'technical' name for the part? I've checked online and I think it is an 'upper radiator hose' but I wanted to ask your advice before ordering. I can't reconnect the 'valve' as the plastic connection has completely sheared. It looks like it burst off under pressure.

PS Excuse the black masking tape and zip tie. I called out the AA and the engineer attempted to reconnect it this way. I'm no expert but didn't think it was safe so I removed it in order to take the picture.


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think these are a common fail, that bit that has come off is a common problem

i think it just called top hose, if you look on british car parts

the part has been altered and the new pipe comes with two of the hoses all ready attached

you will need your vin number as there two different types

theres also new ones on ebay



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I've got the old part off however I now have a new challenge.

The pipe which connects from the coolant tank to the 'turret' on the top of the pipe has snapped off the coolant tank. There doesn't seem to be a way of securing it back - will I need a new coolant tank? I could probably attach it some how but is this part under a lot of pressure? Will it just fly off? 



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Hi Gavin

It looks like you have snapped of the hose fitting on the coolant tank

yes it looks like you will need a new or second hand coolant tank

I would not try to repair it as like you say there a bit of pressure there and it will only pop off

and if it pops off could do some damage like head gaskets if it overheats

these cars nowadays are a complete pain, as most items are made of plastic and as it get older, it gets quite brittle, so you have to be carefull when pulling on hoses especially



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Hi Joe

Thanks for your reply. 

I found it very difficult to remove the old hoses; the clamps securing them were rusted and brittle and even when they were off, the hoses seemed fused on. 

The new part I have comes with clamps with yellow thumb pulls on them. I've never seen this before; do you know what they are for? 

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put some pics up it sound like the hose clamps

if you remove the clamps and then tip a bit of hot water on hose/connection  out of a kettle

then the  rubber soften's up and should come off easy using a twisting and pulling action



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