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Cmpatable phones for bluetooth x-type premium sound


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My Samsung Galaxy S5 will not connect to the bluetooth I have an X-type SE estate 2009 model ant when I go to the info website I can't find a list, I wondered if the bluetooth on the audio system can be updated? would be grateful if anyone out there has had the same problem and found a fix.

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Hi Alan

forgive me if you have done the things I'm going to suggest

Have you gone into your phones bluetooth settings and asked it to scan for compatible devices? have you made you phone visible to other devices? I have an S4 galaxy

my car does not have Jaguar voice, but has the parrot System, pairing the devices was pretty straight forward



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Thanks Steve I have made the phone visible and scanned for compatible devices but it does not discover  the cars bluetooth which says on the screen discover me, I have looked in my manual to see if the premium sound system can scan for my phone but can't find any way of doing it, I thought all bluetooth devices could scan. have just rescanned with phone through settings and it has now found it

Thanks again for your help Steve much appreciated

this by the way is my first Jag and I love it.

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