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Hi everyone, new to the forum

Just acquired a Diesel X type, Have owned several Jags n the past ranging from an ancient 420 to a cracking XJR.

Look forward to talking to people and hopefully meeting some for runs out etc. Also into my motorcycles, Triumph of course.

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Welcome to the club, Calvin.

The X type is a rather nice car and the diesel is quite economical too.

I used to have motorcycles  -- I had one of the very first 6 Honda Dreams in the UK, and also a Triumph T100, which died absolutely on the Preston By Pass [now called the M6] on the 12th June 1964.

The club is a friendly one, with a lot of Members in Yorkshire.



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Thanks Peter,

Thought I would return to Jaguars after a long absence. As I do over 300m a week commuting I thought it better to have the diesel, Saving up for an XJ diesel next I think, best of both worlds then. Love the luxurious feel to the x type and the black dashboard etc. Nippy car for only 130bhp will see how the economy goes over the next few weeks, as long as I get 45 plus mpg I will be happy.

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