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ABS/Traction control lights on


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hi all, i have a 3ltr auto S Type 1999, my diagnostic plug is not working, i need to reset my ABS light after changing the sensors, but the plug wont work, my reader works on other cars, but not mine, any clues to whats wrong, ive tried to charge the battery then try but still no difference, MOT is in a few weeks so need to resolve the problem as it also says traction control fault.

should the ABS reset its self if the problem, is resolved, how can i find a sensor which has failed without diagnostics??

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The ABS is connected to the front wheel sensors and the rear sensors. Any difference in rotation between them and the dashboard lights up. Cleaning the rear connectors usually works, the front sensors are a press-in sensor but no harm checking them over too. Whatever you do don't reset the diagnostics via OBD2 without rectifying the problem. By this I mean if you fix the fault on the car the light will go out. Resetting the diagnostics while the light is on will cause a delete of ECU data, itself another problem.

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