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interior lights wouldn't come on


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Hello everyone, I just got a used 2009 xf SV8 but since I had got it the interior lights and Glove compartment haven't worked. I suspected the fuse and after inspection it was a 20 amp fuse in the position for a 15 amp. Although I replaced it with the original 15 amp suggested in the manual it still didn't come on. 

Help please.

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Hi David and Welcome to the club.

I am not an electrical expert, but I am guessing that it is a faulty connection.  It should not be the bulbs as a message should come on telling you about a bulb failure.

A member might have a wiring diagram which could be useful if you can follow one  ---  there are some members who are very good at electrics who will assist.



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My problem not exactly the same. My interior lights flash on and off, not all the time and possibly coincidental but seems like it happens more of if the car is carrying backseat passengers. Is this common? Is the Jag garage likely to know root cause if I take it in rather than having to fund hours of investigation work? 

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