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Strange whine


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X350 Aluminium body 2,7 Diesel on 56000 miles.  This saga started back in January 2015: I noticed a whine with engine speed. Obvious between about 25 to 50 mph. Noise disappears above that speed.  I was convinced it was the turbo(s).  My Indy had no idea what it was so I have lived with it for above a year.  Now, in March 2016, I still have this whine; no worse than it was initially. After a couple of people (and my wife who is deaf) commented on it, I decided, as my Indy was no help, to take it to a main dealership.
I asked the girl on the desk if someone could have a look at my car as it "had a strange whine." A mechanic, without speaking to me took the car for a test drive. When he came back he took it straight into the workshop. 10 minutes later he came to see me and said the problem was the steering pump. They had tracked it down using a kind of stethoscope on various rotating items on the engine and he said the steering pump stood out immediately; possibly the bearings giving up. I explained that this probably wasn't imminent as the noise had been there for some 14 months.
He told me that the cost of replacing the pump would be £740 for labour and parts but suggested that I just keep running it.
Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is there a way of proving the noise is from the pump by running the engine without the steering pump belt fitted, or does it also drive other things?

I shudder to think about shelling out £700+ to change the pump and finding it no different.

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HI Barry

I take it then it makes the whine when its stationary, as power steering pump, will be engine speed linked at a certain revs and will do it in every gear at a certain revs

if it does not do it stationary and only does it when driving, then it can't be power steering pump

personally how you've described it 20 to 50 mph, I'd say it likely be a prop shaft support bearing

diffs usually get louder, wheel bearings usually get louder and worsen quickly

what you really need is it on a ramp, with the back wheels up and spin it up speed and see where its coming from

when it makes the whine does it get louder when you put more power on



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Thanks Jim.  The noise is from the engine, not the running gear, as it is there when the car is parked.  I haven't looked for a second opinion yet; Easter has got in the way.

From inside the car you can't tell where the noise is coming from and the noise is more audible from inside the car than outside. I'm not too far from Doncaster (Howden)  so that will be worth looking at. 

I think the quote was vat inclusive but I am not sure on this point; I need to check that.

Hi Joe, I just got your post as I was answering Jim. Can't be the prop shaft as it does it when stationary.  Even though Dealership has diagnosed the steering pump I am still suspicious of the turbo(s) by the way the whine spins up and down in response to the throttle. 

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Went to Doncaster today and Chris agrees with me that it is not the steering pump.  He favours the turbo(s) or possibly the cat' connector pipe, one of which has been changed for a rigid pipe.  The car goes in on 11th April for in-depth investigation. 

Took it in and Chris inspected the turbos but thinks it is the rigid repair that was done to one of the cats' some time ago which is causing the noise and suggested changing the cat for one with the flexy pipe.  However, there are no decent second hand ones available currently so when he gets the nod that one is available he will change it for me.  Watch this space.

13 June. Still waiting for parts from Eurojag.

4th Aug. Still waiting.  No response to email. OK I give up.  It looks like I am stuck with the whine.

4th Aug.  I have now read so many forum items about this whine and listened to YouTube recordings of the whine on S Types and XFs. There is a recording of the same noise on a new XE and Jaguar claim there is nothing they can do about it.
In all those forums I have not read one item that indicates what the cause is and I certainly have not read one item that says it was fixed.

That's it. I give up!!!

19th Aug. OK I can't give up.
Yesterday I set off to go to the Supermarket.  My Wife commented that the whine seemed worse than usual and after about 2 miles I got the "Restricted Performance" message and amber and red lights.  I stopped, switched off, waited a minute or so, restarted the car and all was OK. I drove to my local Indy (about 15 miles of motorway) during which time the exhaust note seemed more obtrusive and my Wife commented that the road surface was "rumbly".  My Indy downloaded the fault codes and said it was caused by the DPF but that it had since regenerated itself.  I wonder if this gives any clues on the reason for the whine.  The whine is loud enough for it to be heard on files downloaded from my dashcam.  I have to add that the whine only became noticeable a short time after I had both EGR valves replaced a couple of years ago.  I add my Wife's comments so you know that it is not my imagination.

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