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XJ6 Series 1 Running issue


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Dear All 


I currently have a 71 XJ6 4.2 and have a running issue. 

The car will only run for short moments and appears to be struggling for fuel.  We have renewed all fuel lines, both pumps and tested fuel delivery from rear to front, however the car struggles to start and when eventually does fire up, it only runs for about 2 to 3 minutes, unless you keep the throttle on high revs. Both SU carb pistons are working but looking at the jet in each chamber, one is adjusted down, the other is adjusted high. Currently the car doesnt have enough running capacity and stalls as soon as you select drive 

Can anybody give me some advice on what causes may be ? 

Thank you 

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Hi Darren

l  would say its the jets or needles Fist of all I would set the jets about the same as each other and quite

low and make sure the needles are both in the same slot .???

If you set them to give more fuel and then it over fuels when ticking over just reset again .????



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