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problems with headlamp and rear washer pump not working

paul winder

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have got a problem with my Xtype 2.2sport premium estate,the rear washer pump does not operate when the lever is pushed but the front wash is ok ,the meter says there is 12v going to the pump at the plug also the headlamp wash pump is not operating  anyone had this problem before ??? any ideas cheers. 

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club :yes:

The screenwash pumps on these cars are notoriously unreliable. If you have power, as you say, then I'd expect the pump needs replacing. There are usually some available on fleabay at a lot less than an OEM item would cost.

The headlamp wash pump is not quite the same as it is a high pressure pump which provides hydraulic pressure to move the jets as well as water to clean the lights. Again though, if you can confirm that you have power, I'd go with swapping the pump.

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