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X type for my first car?!

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Hi cat lovers

i've been researching what first car to buy. I've been looking at all sort from random discoveries to suggestions from friends and family. Nothing that has really court my eye. Then I came across the marvellous looking x type jag, and I feel in love with it. I'm only 25 and I know that it may be considered a (older guys) car but I don't care I simple like what I like. What I see is a car of supreme class and a classic look that will never be outdated. I haven't had the chance to drive one yet but from what I've researched it sounds like it will heaven. I've been researching the car every night like a mad scientist (#jagbug) thanks to forums like this one and others. So thank you, to all the jaguar community you all have a special way about you and a deep appreciation for this car. I've told friends and family that I want this car for my first car and they say it's not wise. So my question to you guys is what are your thoughts and any advise on what model to go for my budget is between £3000-£4000. Any replies will be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Hi James, and welcome to the Club.

It is quite a misconception that the Jaguar is an old man's car.  I wanted one from the first days I could drive, but in those days - the fifties - there were not enough around for an impecunious young man.

But after 30 years of company cars I bought an X Type 2.5 Litre AWD with SE Specification, which I would strongly recommend. The diesel models are good cars - one of my sons has one - and a great for those who do a to of long runs.

I researched for a long time as you have done quite properly and sensibly, and when I bought my X Type I felt much younger!  Sadly my X Type was stolen and now I have the S Type, which I wanted since the days that Inspector Morse drove one.

My advice is go for the 2.5 litre All Wheel Drive Petrol with the SE specification.  There are plenty out there and look for a good clean car, with a good service history, and from a reputable dealer.  I live in Sutton Coldfield, and if you want any further advice feel free to contact me.



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Hi James, 

An hour's drive around the high number of dealers in the Birmingham Conurbation will throw up a lot of x types to fit your requirements.

Evans Halshaw will bring a car from anywhere in the country to one of their premises close to you.




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Hi I have just bought a low mileage 09 Xtype 2.2 diesel  saloon. OLD MANS CAR?

I am actually an old man "80" and the way mine drives I would very much say it's a young mans car. As for styling, you either like it or not!

Get to drive one.


Whoops just seen the date on the OP Wonder if he did get his Jag?


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