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Key blade


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So I'm getting some things sorted on my car under warranty but I've got another question.

My car told me the key fob battery was low so thought I'd change it, on opening the key I've found that there is no key blade in it.  One of the keys does but one doesn't.

The one that doesn't has a gold holder while the other has a silver holder, I'm not sure if this is supposed to mean something.

So, Should the blade be there?  Does the gold signify something?  Should I be worried that someone could gain access to my car?

I'm also not sure if this is something that could be covered by the warranty.



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Hi John, 

I think that this should recovered by the warranty. 

Since I retired I have bough three cars in 17 years and every one 0f them has had two key fobs in full working order.

I can't guess at what the difference is between silver and gold holder.

My car, being an S type on an 07 plate has a slightly different key fob.




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