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Hi from Worthing! Why didn't anyone tell me about the XK150 before?


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Hi Guys,

The name is Richard, and I've just taken the leap and got a 2007 XK......300 miles in and I love it! 

Not like anything I've ever had before (Audi A4/6, BMW 3/5, Merc E, Boxster) - I will never get tired of that start up noise.

Kids are torn between loving the V8 and being crippled in the rear, but I'm fine.

Couple of questions, that I'm sure have been answered before;

1. I've removed Fuse 4 as the aerial is ridiculous, any smart mods to give me radio without looking like I'm in the world's biggest radio controlled car?

2. Any tips to get iPhone music through the Audio system?

I'm based in Worthing, any other South Coast XK's out there?

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Hi Richard, and welcome to the club.

My kids would never get in the back seat on an XK.  Mind you, the youngest of the three is over 40!

There is a little widget you can   get on eBay that costs about £15 that gets your 'phone connected via bluetooth and plays your music.

On the radio aerial, there are quite a few members with the necessary expertise who will assist.

Thee are XK members all over the country who drive that great Model.



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