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EGR valve


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Hi all,

Has anyone removed or blanked the EGR valve?

Does it make a big diffrence and does it make the EML light come on if you blank it off.will it cause any problems at MOT time.



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Hi Gareth,

There are a few members who have blanked off the EGR valve, and apparently it makes little difference and does not cause a problem with the MOT.

It can only be partially blanked off on the S Type, but personally I wouldn't bother.  Just make sure the car has a good blast now and then, and if that doesn't work, use one of the many EGR cleaners on the market.  I use Wynns on the odd occasions the EML comes on

 and when a good blast doesn't work.



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Hi Gareth, i tried the blanking plate, both with the hole and without on my 2006 x-type 2.2d. To be honest i found it a waste of time as i only got a slight improvement for a short time. I eventually bit the bullet, and got a new EGR off ebay for about £80, and its worked fine fir the last 6 months or so.

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