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door seals


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hi, i removed the lower edge rubber door seals today, there was quite a lot of dirt/mud along the bottom of the doors  which you can't get at without doing this, and i was glad to clean all that mess off, i would advise all of you to do this if you havn't already, the lower doors can rust through if you leave this important job, the rubber seals just pulls off a row of plastic ciips  but take it easy you don't want to tear it, you then need to take out all the clips to replace the seals, i found the easiest way was to duck oil them and grip them tight with long nose pliers and a firm yank pulls them out, be careful not to disfigure them. i plied the oil into the door drains before refitting, my s type is 13 and i reckon this is the first time it's been done, and there was little signs of rust.

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